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GATE חומר מתודולוגי של :R1

.STEAM מתודולוגיית הוראה חדשה לתלמידי GATE שתמזג למידה חברתית-רגשית וגישת

GATE תוכנית הדרכה של :R2

.תכנית הכשרה למורים בחינוך יסודי על המתודולוגיה שהוכנה

1. Vytautas Magnus University, eMundusLithuaniaView Results
2. Zinev Art TechnologiesBulgariaView Results
3. ISMA University of Applied SciencesLatviaView Results
4. Ron Vardi CenterIsraelView Results
1. Equal opportunities for talented studentsBulgariaView
2. “New way in teaching” programme, provided by Together in classBulgariaView
3. Plan for work with gifted children in Primary school “Geo Milev” (2019/2020),
4. STEAM courses for childrenBulgariaView
5. "Talent Hunters" – program for working with children with academic talentBulgariaView
6. “Disclosure of Pupils’ Abilities and Development of their Education System”LithuaniaView
7. “Feuerstein method implementation in school activities”LithuaniaView
8. “Gifted” programLithuaniaView
9. Professional development of Lithuanian teachers in gifted educationLithuaniaView
10. “Publishing House of Arts”LithuaniaView
11. “Socialize, Observe, and Learn” (SOL)LithuaniaView
12. “The Creativity and Self-actualization Training Programme”LithuaniaView
13. Occupation: is it worth playing lottery?LithuaniaView
14. Teaching different age students who have higher thinking abilities. Challenges.LithuaniaView
15. Experiential Education program’s „Following sensation and discoveries“ activityLithuaniaView
16. Optimization: how to make everything better or the bestLithuaniaView
17. Teaching in International School Premjers (International School IB MYP)LatviaView
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