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This Result (R2) aims to develop a training program for primary education teachers and educators of gifted centers that will provide them relevant skills and competences to adopt a teaching methodology that will maximize gifted and talented students potential. Teachers from partners and associated primary schools and educators from gifted centers will be trained in two sessions. They will test the methodology in their institutions to verify its efficacy both in ordinary classes and in classes with only gifted students.

GATE Training program will include at least 4 modules:

1.Theoretical basis and review of Teaching practices for gifted and talented pupils A summary of R1 results, which will aim at building the necessary theoretical knowledge for teachers and educators;

2.Teaching to gifted and talented pupils in primary school How to support gifted pupils in classes with different potentials;

3.Teaching to gifted and talented pupils in centers for gifted How to help flourish gifted pupils in only-gifted classes;

4.Evaluation and assessment tools for teachers. A collection of methodologies and tools on how teachers can better evaluate the results of their activities on their students and monitor their progress.

Vytautas University (LT) will be the leader of R2 and it will closely collaborate with the project coordinator and all the other partners, assuring the high quality of R2 and the production of foreseen deliverables.

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