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The objective of this result (R1) is to establish new knowledge (Methodological Material) of innovative teaching methods and aspects to consider for teachers when they are dealing with gifted and talented pupils. It will concentrate both on the cognitive and psychological needs of gifted and talented pupils, integrating the STEAM approach with elements of Socio- Emotional Learning (SEL). The results will be included in an e-book.

The goals of this output are:

1. To provide and disseminate innovative methodologies, resources, instructions and materials for teachers capable of promoting students’ critical thinking skills and independent learning.

2. Promote further research on effective and efficient practices when dealing with gifted and talented pupils.

All the content developed will be included in an e-book comprising a vast literature review from different sources (e.g. peer-reviewed articles, books, web sources, etc.) with a general aim to establish effective ways of maximizing the potential of gifted and talented pupils.

A wide set of approaches will be analyzed in terms of their most recent practices and theory, effectiveness and results on children as well as how they can be better adopted in schools and education centers for gifted and talented pupils.

Schools’ and centers’ opinions will be collected in order to better understand and incorporate their needs in the design of our methodology.

The methodological material will impact on school staff, teachers and education experts by enhancing their awareness on good practices when dealing with gifted and talented pupils. It will also impact researchers as it will lay the foundation for further research and improvements.

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